Renault EZ-ULTIMO Concept

The premium vision of shared mobility

With the EZ-ULTIMO concept car, Renault introduces the third and last concept car that embodies the future of shared mobility. After EZ-GO (for everyday urban mobility) and EZ-PRO (for last mile delivery), Renault further develops with EZ-ULTIMO, a brand new mobility solution that offers a unique yet affordable premium experience.

Reinventing the robot-vehicle from an emotional perspective

EZ-ULTIMO is an autonomous, connected and 100% electric robot-vehicle. As an upscale vehicle, it offers users premium mobility experience like no other: getting to a restaurant, transferring from the airport to your hotel, a spot of tourism or even an exclusive shopping trip. For business or pleasure, EZ-ULTIMO is designed for anybody and symbolises the idea of private, intimate travel.

Spacious, sophisticated and private

The concept is presented as a cocoon, in which up to three passengers can see the city in a different way, without being visible from the outside. They can feel like home on board and look up at the sky through the panoramic glass sunroof as they would do through their own window. The modern, accessible interior, laid out like a real lounge on wheels, provides a private, comfortable and inviting space.
To celebrate 120 years of Renault, the EZ-ULTIMO definitely embodies its DNA, "French Design" and "Easy Life" principles.

A luxurious, yet emotional design

Stylish and welcoming, its spacious, sophisticated exterior offers a new, premium vision of shared mobility, and a design that is completely integrated into the city. Its luxurious interior is adorned with noble materials such as wood, marble and leather, in a beautiful neo-retro style that is a tribute to 120 years of the Renault brand.
The high-end experience you get starts well before the journey even begins, thanks to the exclusive interface and concierge services. The vehicle's approach and the welcome reserved for passengers also make this service truly unique. Once on board the EZ-ULTIMO, passengers have technology and services worthy of a first-class experience. To occupy their time on journeys, they can enjoy exclusive, personalised content on the tablet. Each journey becomes a new opportunity for enrichment.
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