Renault EZ-GO Concept

The robot-vehicle that reinvents the relationship between space and time.

In an urban environment, EZ-GO Concept is the first incarnation of autonomous, connected and shared mobility using an electric engine, without a steering wheel or a driver.

Mobility on demand for everyone

EZ-GO Concept is a "robot-vehicle": both a vehicle and a transport service but also plays an integral part of the urban ecosystem. It has a positive impact on city life by providing mobility that is more respectful of the environment.

The use of this autonomous vehicle for public transport takes it to the forefront of a new urban way of life. A facilitator for everyday life, EZ-GO Concept offers a genuinely connected and customised experience to its passengers.

With frontal doors, limited speed and autonomous driving, EZ-GO Concept puts the safety of passengers at the forefront. The AD lighting signature, messages from the illuminated scrolling displays and the vehicle's exterior sounds ensure the safety of pedestrians.

A shared cabin feel without a driver

An expression of Renault's " Easy Life " identity, EZ-GO Concept makes urban travel easier for all.

With EZ-GO Concept's innovative architecture and cocoon styling, Renault has reinvented the identity of the robot-vehicle, quite different from the cuboid shuttles that most people imagine.

The intergenerational EZ-GO Concept is above all a mobility solution for everyone that can meet multiple needs.

The front doors of EZ-GO Concept allow six passengers to enter while standing. Access is also facilitated for persons with reduced mobility or pushchairs who benefit from a dedicated access ramp attached to rear of the EZ-GO Concept Vehicle. Whether for private or business use, EZ-GO Concept adapts to your needs and meets the challenges of cities of the future.

A customised and connected experience

EZ-GO Concept is filled with technological innovations to serve its passengers.

As a connected vehicle, it offers genuine interaction with its functionalities including augmented reality on your smartphone and Wi-Fi on board. It becomes your personal assistant by connecting with the smart city and providing you with information on tourism and leisure as well as activities in the surrounding areas.

Start using the EZ-GO Concept and create your own world using the various atmospheres and customisation tools for the interior and exterior.
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